Plymouth Undercover by Pamela Kelley
Plymouth Undercover by Pamela Kelley (Court Street Investigations #1)

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This was a fun story with defined characters, and a little humor. A few red herrings are thrown in also.

What’s Plymouth Undercover about?

Emma McCarthy has returned to Plymouth, MA following the death of her father. A private investigator, he left his PI business to Emma and her mother. Now the agency consists of Emma, her mom, Cindy, and an older retired police detective, Mickey, who is nearing 80 years old.

Emma is a semi-successful actress who has some small parts and a few commercials under her belt. But, at almost thirty years old, she knows she will never make a name for herself in Hollywood. So she goes all in.

Tell us more…

One of her first cases is the disappearance of a young lawyer who has not been heard from in a while. Shortly after starting the case, the young woman's body washes up on the shore. The girl's mother hires the agency to investigate as the police aren't moving fast enough.

Why we liked it…

This was a fun story with defined characters, and a little humor. A few red herrings are thrown in also. It is a slow-paced story that kept my attention throughout. It reads somewhere between a cozy and traditional mystery, with it leaning just a little closer to a traditional one.

A Final Word…

One of the nicer things in the story is it doesn't follow the cut stamp of the main character falling for the police detective and him having to come and save the day at the end of the book. This time it's Emma’s mother who is developing a relationship with the officer. And while she still works for the agency, it's a nice change.

I gave this book a four-star rating.

Plymouth Undercover by Pamela Kelley

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