Mayson Dickson The Line Is Drawn
Mayson Dickson: The Line is Drawn by Jocie McKade

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Two women sleuths hunt down a murderer in this fast-paced cozy mystery.

What’s Mayson Dickson: The Line is Drawn about?

In Mayson Dickson: The Line is Drawn… After having their worlds turned upside down with the deaths of their parents, Emme Mayson and Jackie Dickson discover that they are twins. They were separated as infants, and had no idea until the reading of their parents' will that they had a sibling, let alone a twin. After a murder, the girls need to disappear to keep them safe.

Tell us more…

This was my first book by Jocie McKade and the first in a new series. It has mostly developed characters, a good storyline, and some humor.

Why we liked it…

I liked that even though the two main characters didn’t know or trust each other, they set aside their doubts and decided to work together to make the best out of a very bad situation. Due to the situation they’re in, they only have each other now. They’ve both lost the parent they knew for all of their lives, they are in a new city and state with their entire life having been erased. Even their closest friend and the people who helped raise them have been told they are dead (which brings up an entirely new set of problems for their protectors!)

A Final Word…

Even though there are a few editing errors, it does not affect the enjoyability of the book, and I will be continuing with this series to find out what happens next. Mayson Dickson: The Line is Drawn does have a couple of scenes where one or more character is dodging bullets.

Mayson Dickson: The Line is Drawn

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