Louisiana Longshot by Jana Deleon (Miss Fortune Mystery)
Louisiana Longshot by Jana Deleon (Miss Fortune Mystery)

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When Fortune changes the script for one of her assignments, a very bad man takes out a contract on her life.

What’s Louisiana Longshot about?

​In Louisiana Longshot, Fortune Redding has been entirely focused on her career as an agent in the CIA. She has a limited social life and few relationships. When she changes the script for one of her assignments, a very bad man takes out a contract on her life.

Suddenly, Fortune is sent into hiding in Sinful, Louisiana pretending to be the niece of a recently deceased town resident. The laughter starts right away as Fortune tries to fit into a very small town of mostly older people. Her first day there she meets the handsome town deputy and ends up in the middle of a murder investigation.

Tell us more…

The mystery is well-written. Jana takes the reader along with the characters as they investigate the murder, finding clues and just enough curves to keep us from figuring out the mystery too early.

The story has lots of laugh out loud humour. Jana has a talent for writing physical humour in a way that comes to life in the reader’s imagination.

Why we liked it…

I like Fortune. She is strong, intelligent and she learns. She cannot resist a challenge, is ridiculously competitive and sometimes loses her temper. Her two accomplices are women in their early seventies named Ida Belle and Gertie. They run the Sinful Ladies Society as well as the town.

The sub-plots focus on the relationships between the townspeople and the relationships Fortune is being forced to create as she hides out in this town. Most of the characters are uniquely developed without too much stereotyping.

The drama, humour, and character challenges were more than enough to keep me engaged from the beginning to the end of this book and in every new book of this series.

A Final Word…

I highly recommend Louisiana Longshot and her series to anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries with comedy, are action packed, and have mysteries that are investigated by amateur sleuths.

Louisiana Longshot

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