The Case of the Screaming Beauty

A charming bed and breakfast. A diabolical murder. A guest with a secret to hide…

The prestigious Lavender Bed and Breakfast in Chiddlinghurst, England has stylish decor, lovely gardens… and a deadly problem. Norah Travis, a beautiful young woman, has been found murdered in one of their rooms. Detective Inspector Graham, a crusader for justice with a penchant for tea, and a dark side of his own, is assigned to the case. Joining Sergeant Harris at the sprawling estate, the duo set their caps to solving the vicious crime.

But with no witnesses and no motive, their investigation is quickly mired in a web of lies and deceit. The jocular proprietors, Amelia and Cliff, seem to have nothing to hide, but the same cannot be said for their long time guest, Tim. Then there’s the bitter ex-husband, the tight-lipped housekeeper, a doddering old man… There’s no shortage of suspects, but Graham’s instincts lead him to investigate Norah’s mysterious past. And a heinous secret soon comes to light…

A secret that just might be worth killing for.

The Case of the Screaming Beauty is a traditional mystery with a modern twist. Fans of Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, and CSI will want to share a sip of tea with Detective Inspector Graham, and dive into this quintessentially British mystery series today.

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The Case of the Hidden Flame

A quaint island resort. A murder on a quiet beach. Can a brand new inspector solve the case?

Detective Inspector David Graham has just arrived on the island of Jersey, with orders to take over the constabulary in the small resort town of Gorey. But molding this rag-tag team of misfits into a cohesive investigative unit may be a greater challenge than he bargained for…

Within minutes, Graham’s plans go awry. A local resident, former soldier Colonel Graves, makes a shocking discovery. As the military man kneels down on the beach, he is horrified to see the corpse of his soon-to-be fiancé, half buried in the sand…

The town is appalled by this scandalous crime. Rumors swirl, and the eccentric townsfolk begin to point fingers. But it falls to the brand new Detective Inspector to ferret out the clues and solve the case…while bringing his inexperienced team of cohorts along to assist.

The Case of the Hidden Flame packs humor and intrigue into a fiendishly clever puzzle, that cozy mystery fans will love – all accompanied by a fine cup of tea. Take a trip to the isle of Jersey, and dive into this addictive mystery series today.

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The Case of the Fallen Hero

A mysterious castle. A beautiful wedding. A cold-blooded murder…

Inspector David Graham wanted to get away from the crime and corruption of the big city. Now, he is content to lead a small group of officers in the tiny coastal town of Gorey. But Inspector Graham’s peaceful life is about to come to screeching halt…

As he inspects the grounds surrounding the imposing Orgueil castle, Graham stumbles upon a screaming woman, kneeling beside a man’s corpse. Hearing the woman’s hysterical cries, Graham rushes to assist her – and to start gathering clues. Was it a suicide? An accident? Or something far more nefarious?

A web of lies and unanswered questions sends Graham’s plucky team digging through the history of the victim, his grief stricken fiancé, and even the castle itself. Monolithic in size and secrets, Orgueil Castle may reveal answers in the strangest, and most unsettling ways possible…

With one dead, four missing, and an entire castle full of dark family secrets, Inspector David Graham wonders if there is enough tea on the island to see him through it all…

Grab your cup of tea and dive into this quintessentially British mystery series today.

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The Case of the Broken Doll

A missing girl. A broken doll. A scandal some would rather forget…

When 15-year-old Beth Ridley vanished on her way to school, it was a baffling mystery that shocked the small island community of Gorey. The girl was never found, and the sole clue – a leg torn from a doll she was carrying – led investigators nowhere. The case soon went cold…

Now, on the tenth anniversary of her disappearance, Detective Inspector Graham is taking another look at the case. As a cop in the big city, Graham has seen more than his fill of darkness and death. Something about the case doesn’t feel right, and the inspector can’t seem to let it go.

What he uncovers will rock the town of Gorey to the core, and stir up memories long since forgotten. There are painful truths to face. And some people would prefer that their secrets stay buried…

The Case of the Broken Doll is a gripping standalone mystery in Alison Golden’s bestselling Inspector David Graham series. With fiendishly clever twists and characters you'll grow to love, it’s easy to see why Golden’s books have been described as “captivating” and “unputdownable.” Warning: may cause sleepless nights… because you won’t be able to stop reading.

Buy this book because it’s good.

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The Case of the Missing Letter

A secret from the past. A scandal that leads to murder. Who knew antiques could be so deadly?

The priceless Satterthwaite Desk has found its way to the island of Jersey and is on display at the local museum. This valuable antique is rich with history, exquisitely crafted, and hides a secret that could destroy the lives of powerful politicians and prominent citizens alike.

When a dead body turns up on the museum’s grounds, a turbulent family drama becomes an official police inquiry. Detective Inspector Graham, along with his recently lauded investigative team, must untangle the mystery. But the trail of scandal and deceit soon spills out of the museum, and leads into the darkest corners of the island and beyond.

Can Inspector Graham and his team solve a crime that seems to have no motive, and no suspects? To bring the killer to justice, they’ll have to piece together a secret that the elite will do anything to hide…

The Case of the Missing Letter is an intriguing standalone mystery in Alison Golden’s bestselling Inspector David Graham series. Readers call it “masterfully crafted” with twists you won’t see coming, and characters you'll grow to love. Don’t start reading Golden’s books late at night… you won’t be able to put them down!

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The Case of the Pretty Lady

A missing scientist. A dark and stormy night. A secret worth killing for…

When a devastating hurricane surges toward the quiet island of Jersey, Detective Inspector Graham quickly finds his life turned upside down. Forced to abandon his latest attempt at romance, the brilliant but reclusive Inspector barely manages to rescue a local couple from the rising waters before he find shimself embroiled in new mystery…

In the wake of the storm, the body of a missing scientist washes ashore. When the autopsy indicates murder, Graham wastes no time getting down to business. And there’s no shortage of suspects to investigate. A suspicious lover, a clan of angry fishermen, an outraged animal activist… who knew studying sharks could be so dangerous?

As the clues and motives pile up, Graham is forced to cancel yet another date. A crime this diabolical takes teamwork to solve, and the Inspector enlists the aid of his three loyal and beloved officers. But are four heads really better than one?

Only a single thing is certain; A killer still lurks of Jersey’s windswept shores. And if Graham and his team can’t apprehend the culprit soon, the Inspector’s love life may be the next victim…

The Case of the Pretty Lady is an outstanding standalone mystery in Alison Golden’s bestselling Inspector David Graham series. Readers call it “gripping to read” with “cleverly woven storylines,” and “characters that feel like friends.”

Don't wait, run and buy your copy today!

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Inspector David Graham Box Set

“Inspector David Graham is not only a cracker jack detective, he is also a charming, thoughtful man. I always felt bad for him losing his wife and daughter. He seems like such lonely man who holds others at arms length. Now there is a hint of possible romance. I know it may take another book of two for this to develop but I can wait.

I enjoyed each of the 4 books in this boxed set. Each one is well written with interesting plots. The officers are developing new policing skills under the command of Inspector Graham. The recurring characters are a likeable crew. I look forward to reading what will happen next.”

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