Fame and Fortune and Murder by Patti Larsen
Fame and Fortune and Murder by Patti Larsen (Fiona Fleming Cozy Mysteries Book 3)

Book Themes

Fee Fleming, has no intention of getting involved with a local celebrity couple until they stay at her B&B and one of them ends up dead.

What’s Fame and Fortune and Murder about?

In Fame and Fortune and Murder, power couple, Skip Anderson and Willow Pink, come to Reading, Vermont to help promote the small town. She's a famous, popular movie star and he's pro footballer on the downside of his career. Fiona (Fee) Fleming, a local B&B owner, wants nothing to do with them or the parade that Mayor Walker is planning to help promote of the town to attract tourists.

Tell me more…

When the lodge the couple is staying in has to close for repairs, Fee comes home to find that Mayor Walker has invited them to take over her B&B for the duration of their stay.

All of a sudden, Fee ends up in the carriage leading the parade with Skip, who is drunk and rude and obnoxious to everyone he sees. But when they reach the end of the parade, Skip collapses, literally pinning Fee down with a now dead body on top of her. The Coroner determines that he did not die of an “accidental” overdose. He was murdered.

Why I liked it…

I really like the interplay between the characters, and also the open hostility between Fiona and her cousin, a local deputy, who constantly reminds her that “he” is a cop, and “she” is not.

A final word…

This is another fun addition to this series, and has some interesting surprises in it. This is the third installment in the Fiona Fleming series. There’s lots of humor, several twists, and a captivating story. I’m looking forward to the next in the series of Fame and Fortune and Murder.

Fame and Fortune and Murder

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