Reverend Annabelle Dixon

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Part Sherlock, part Miss Marple, Annabelle is a new kind of detective – one who sees the truth in the most unlikely places. If you love solving puzzles, then these suspense-filled, endearing, cozy mysteries are just for you.


“Quick, funny, intriguing and a
good ‘whodunit'.”

Roxy Reinhardt

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Roxy believed that life never gives you more than you can handle. But when she's fired from her wage-slave job, bullied by her co-workers, and her boyfriend abandons her, she decides she’s handled quite enough. Eager for a change of scene, Roxy with her white Persian cat Nefertiti head off to New Orleans…


“I need to tell you that you have a winner here.”

Inspector David Graham

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Fans of Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, and CSI will want to share a sip of tea with Detective Inspector Graham, and dive into these quintessentially British mysteries today.
With plot twists and turns and characters you'll grow to love, it’s easy to see why Golden’s books have been described as “captivating,” “unputdownable,” and “shouldn't be started late at night.”


“What a spectacular read,
I am hooked again.”


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